Prospective homeowners are tasked with considering a wide variety of different choices when purchasing a home; big or small, large yard or no yard at all, what school district or neighborhood to settle in: all guaranteed to make your head spin! Perhaps the most important distinction to make when looking to buy a home is whether to buy an older house, or a newer one with a modern design.

New Homes

There are many reasons to consider buying a brand-new home when searching the housing market. A wide-open floor plan reflects a more modern design and reflects the ever changing household needs of the average American family in this day and age. Newer homes also bring with them the latest amenities and modern household features that older houses lack. Newer homes are much more energy efficient and are likely to save a small fortune on heating, air conditioning, and overall maintenance.

Speaking of maintenance, newer homes may generally hold up better and require less maintenance for years after purchasing unlike older homes. For example, roof shingles need to be replaced every few decades so buying a new home saves you some hassle. Newer homes also have brand new HVAC systems, water heaters, wiring, and plumbing, so there should be no major spending necessary for the first ten years at very least.

Old & Historic Homes

You may be thinking a new home is the obvious choice, but truth be told there are a few very solid reasons for buying an older house. One of the main reasons for buying an existing home that may require some renovation is that they overall tend to cost less than a new home. Because there is more work involved, more maintenance, and more renovation to modernize these relics of the past, older homes may be worth much less than their newer counterparts on the market.

What others see as a chore, some people see as a fun challenge ready to be taken. Of course, older houses may need maintenance to replace old wiring, rotting wood, outdated insulation, and much more. With all that money you can save on purchasing an existing home, you can afford to customize and bring your dream home into the 21st century. People also oftentimes choose older homes for historical value as well. Some homes located in the older areas of the country date back to before the United States even existed. In many places throughout Virginia and Tennessee, people proudly display the year their house was built on the side of their home like a badge of honor.


Since buying a new home is an investment first and foremost, it helps to have a wealth of information on a piece of real estate you plan on purchasing. A seventy-year-old house with a long, detailed history of appreciating value and no major incidents can be considered a safer investment than a newly constructed home in an unproven area


It’s Your Choice!


Whatever you choose, there is really no wrong answer. The main theme seems to be that buying an older home lends itself more to people who enjoy the classic, historic feel or are looking to customize their home and breath new life into an existing property.  For some people, buying a newly constructed home might just feel right, and that’s perfectly reasonable too. In either situation, we are here to help make your homeownership dreams come true!