In honor of National Inspire Your Heart with Art day, we wanted to share our top tips for art in your home.  Your home is a reflection of you and your style – and along with that comes the many art pieces that can adorn your walls.  From the simple to the eclectic – here are our favorite ideas for art styles and mixing them in your home.


The art medium refers to the materials or supplies used to create the piece.  Mixing mediums allows for great visual interest.  You may look to mix and group sketches with bright and interesting watercolors.

Scale & Detail

You want a room to have visual interest, but not be overwhelming to the eye.  Pieces with lots of intricate detail, such as architectural prints and botanicals, look best in groups.  Your eye takes that in as one large piece, not 4 to 6 individual elements.  This helps tone down the busyness of the subject matter and create a more simplified visual.

Subject Matter

Select things that interest you or have an impact and relevance to your life and home.  If you love to travel – use pieces that reflect your lifestyle.  Art should show visual interest, but just because you love something doesn’t mean your entire home should be covered in it!  This can be where groupings become useful and where you can use different subjects to show your lifestyle.


This is a big one.  While you want your art to reflect your personality, it should also compliment the colors in your home.  Be sure to stick to one complimenting color pallet.  This helps to create cohesiveness and unify different styles together.


Define your style and know what you like and what truly reflects your personality.  Don’t be afraid to mix styles in your home.  Simply because your home reflects a rustic style doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate modern elements, in fact you may find that this adds more character to your space.

Get Inspired

We are very lucky to have some excellent artisans in our area, both amateur and professional.  One of our favorite galleries is located in downtown Bristol – Benjamin Walls.  If you are looking for some inspiration, visit their website at or visit the gallery at 701 State Street, Bristol.